Yanfeng Lyu

Yanfeng Lyu, Master’s degree in Agricultural Resources and Environment and PhD student at College of Environmental Sciences of Sichuan Agricultural University (Chengdu), is currently carrying out a research period on the environmental implications of urban circular practices at the Parthenope University of Naples (China Scholarship Council scholarship- November2019- November2020).

How does the “Analysis of the metabolism of urban conglomerates and the cooperative strategy of the circular economy” project integrate into your research training?
My research is a small branch under the background of circular economy, mainly to provide calculation method of basic unit emergy value (UEV)for circular economy assessment by using the Ecoinvent databasewhich provides detailed basic input-output data for thousands of production process. The goal is to accurately assess environmental sustainability.

What is your specific contribution to the research activities of the project? What are the possible applications of this research in the future?
My main work is applying the Ecoinvent database to update some basic UEV which are the basis of circular economy assessment.In the past two decades, production process has experienced significant technological innovations, but UEVs of various products did not keep up with technological innovation. We hope to provide the calculation method for UEV calculation and to change researcher’s choice of unit emergy value in emergy evaluation

During the project, you have carried out (you are doing) a research period in Italy. How do you rate your experience in Italy? What led you to your training and professional development?
It is an unforgettable experience for me, not only because we meet COVID-19, but also meet good professors, nice colleagues, and hospitable Italian people.
There are three main aspects that led me to my training and professional development: one is mentoring from Prof. Ulgiati and Prof. Zhang, the second one is the interest in scientific research and the third one is support from family and friends.

What do you think are the most interesting aspects of the Italian system for a young Chinese researcher?
What attracts me most is the encouragement and help of old professors for young scholars in thesis, project coordination, and interpersonal relationships.

She is in Italy just at the time of the health emergency from Covid-19, how she lived this period?
During the special healthy emergency period, my daily life is working at home. Aswell as reading, I am reading the book named “L’amicageniale” written by an Italian writer.Exercising three or four times a week, such as rope skipping, HIIT, and yoga.The most mood-boosting activity is cooking at home, because I really love the food in Italy, margherita pizza, fresh mozzarella, salami.