Jingyan Xue

Jingyan Xue, PhD student, at Beijing Normal University School of Environment, is currently carrying out a research period on the environmental implications of urban circular practices at the Parthenope University of Naples (China Scholarship Council funds-Parthenope, october 2019-october 2020).

How does the “Analysis of the metabolism of urban conglomerates and the cooperative strategy of the circular economy” project integrate into your research training?
Firstly, through reading the relevant literature and sharing idea with peer researchers, my logical thinking about the Urban Circular Economy (UCE) was indeed improved. Secondly, because this project needs to construct a UCE model, the skills of building and ordering a model in Vensim was really improved.

What is your specific contribution to the research activities of the project? What are the possible applications of this research in the future?
My main contribution to this project is to develop an online Urban Circular Economy Calculator (UCEC) for the metropolitan city of Napoli. This tool is capable of creating different scenarios as a follow-up of circular economy policies in order to show the policy-making opportunities and benefits to the city life.

During the project, you have carried out (you are doing) a research period in Italy. How do you rate your experience in Italy? What led you to your training and professional development?
I think the Italian experience was very valuable for me. Professor Ulgiati provided me a lot of opportunities to attend the related conferences and classes, learn about the latest researches, know about different researchers, share ideas and make friends! These experiences indeed improved my language ability, professional research ability, cross-cultural knowledge as well as the global horizon, which are beneficial for not my research experience and entire life.

What do you think are the most interesting aspects of the Italian system for a young Chinese researcher?
I prefer to use one word to describe the most interesting aspect of this Italian system—“Bridge”. Through the bridge we young Chinese researches can learn about different cultures, different way of thinking, familiar and unfamiliar researches. We can share ideas, solve problems together and have fun!

She is in Italy just at the time of the health emergency from Covid-19, how she lived this period?
Although I have come back to China before the outbreak of the epidemic, we always share ideas, articles, feelings and love with all of our group members through e-mail, Wechat or other ways with the help of Prof. Ulgiati. We are always together.