8th International Workshop Advances in Cleaner Production, 13-15 November, Sanya

8th International Workshop Advances in Cleaner Production, 13-15 November, Sanya

This three-day conference focused on the environmental challenges that cities face, along with the opportunities and barriers to going green or blue and fostering economic growth. Cleaner Production has been applied realizing targets of Sustainable Development coinciding e.g. with the aims of public health and clean environments as they are interpreted in a green and smart city context (neutral carbon balance, zero waste, accessible green and blue spaces) and development in general.

Web site: www.advancesincleanerproduction.net/8th/english/site/home.html

Contributions given by the University of Naples Parthenope:

  • Keynote Speech by prof. Sergio Ulgiati at the Award Ceremony of the Advances in Cleaner Production Network
  • Planning and policy strategies for tomorrow’s sustainable cities. Potentials of circular buildings explored through systems thinking and emergy accounting (Cristiano, S., Ghisellini, P., Gonella, F., & Ulgiati, S.)
  • Developing a procedural method for the integration of Life Cycle Assessment and Emergy Analysis. The Amalfi paper case study (Santagata, R., Zucaro, A., Fiorentino, G., Lucagnano, E., & Ulgiati, S.)
  • Emergy evaluation of ‘value added’ by ecosystem functions (Brown, M.T., Lee, D.J., Ulgiati, S., Viglia, S.,  & Yang, Q.)
  • Circular Economy in the Agro-industry: Environmental Assessment of Dairy Products (Cocozza, A., Oliveira, M., Zucaro, A., & Ulgiati, S.)
  • Circular economy paths in the olive oil industry: A Life Cycle Assessment look into environmental performance and benefit (Ncube, A., Panfilo, C., & Ulgiati, S)
  • Wine production: A look into circular opportunities (Ncube, A., Colella, M., & Ulgiati, S.)
  • Assessing potential for resource efficiency and cleaner production in Zimbabwe brick industry (Ncube, A., Mangori, L., Matsika, R., Oliveira, M., & Ulgiati, S.)
  • Beyond the Circular Economy; Exploring the Consequences of its Accelerated Adoption (van Langen, S.K., Ghisellini, P., & Passaro, R.)


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